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About Us

OCSACare is a joint venture between OCSA (Occupational Care South Africa Pty Ltd.) and the CareCross Health Group. It is an occupational health solution designed for the South African labour market to keep employees who were previously excluded from any form of private healthcare, healthy and productive at work.

OCSACare offers premium, private, day-to-day healthcare through the private medical practitioners of the CareCross Health Group who is a national network of GP’s, Radiologists, Pathologists, Dentists and Optometrists and collectively embrace the concept of affordable healthcare.  Keeping the South African workforce healthy on a day-to-day basis, will in return lead to dramatically declining absenteeism percentages and thus contribute to the bottom line of the employer.


We built our business over 6 years through referrals from happy customers - and we intend to keep on following that route. Our biggest satisfaction comes from touching the lives of our members. We are in the business of improving real people’s health and changing their lives.

OCSACare is proudly South African - together with business leaders in our client base, we are making South Africa a better place to invest in and do business in. OCSACare supports the true heroes in the South African medical industry: our own doctors, dentists and optometrists who collectively support the concept of quality, but affordable healthcare for all.

Our team will not let you and your employees down! Each one of our clients is allocated a personal manager.  Our team is built on passion and loyalty.

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Annie Radmanovic